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Dj's: ZaVen & Steve Mag
Schedule: Every 3rd Saturday of the month at 21:00 hours (CET)
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Batavia Records on Shore

Batavia Records on Shore is hosted by ZaVen & Steve Mag, both are dj's and well known producers with the deep house genre and presenting their most high quality tracks of their collection

Batavia Records is located in the Netherlands near Amsterdam, and near Venice Italy. Batavia Records is supported by great artists, big labels, respected radioshows and magazines.

Our name Batavia Records?

The name is referenced to a ship called 'de Batavia' which is still located as an replica on 'Bataviawerf' harbor Lelystad. During history the ship sailed during V.O.C. period as trade transport all over the world. Because our artists are from all over the world with their music as our trading mark, we saw much comparison. V.O.C. is a abbreviation meaning 'Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie' translated as 'Dutch East India Company'.


Releasing Deep House music every month of talented producers.


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